Wine List

We serve our wine in measurements of 125ml, 175ml and 250ml with ABV's ranging from 9.5% to 14.5%. All our wines are subject to both availability and change.We supply a great range of wine sourced from a range of global locations.

  • Château Pierrail Blanc (Sauvignon Blanc, France)
    French Sauvignon at its best. Small production with very limited supply. Vibrant tangy green fruits that are very expressive through to the end.

    Glass (175ml) £4.00 / Glass (250ml) £6.25 / Bottle £17.95

  • La Borgata (Pinot Grigio Garganega, Italy)
    A tantalisingly fruity dry white wine offering succulent apple and citrus fruit flavours

    Glass (175ml) £4.45 / Glass (250ml) £6.10 / Bottle £17.50

  • Piesporter Michelsberg (Piesporter , Germany)
    Light in body, excellent bouquet and very fruity medium style

    Glass (175ml) £4.00 / Glass (250ml) £5.45 / Bottle £15.50

  • Rocheburg (Chenin Blanc, South Africa)
    A flavoursome easy drinking fruity wine with hints of apples and pears

    Glass (175ml) £4.00 / Glass (250ml) £5.45 / Bottle £15.50

  • Villa Rosa (Sauvignon Blanc, Chile)
    A dry and crisp white wine with a tangy mouth-watering freshness and hint of gooseberry

    Glass (175ml) £4.10 / Glass (250ml) £5.55 / Bottle £15.95

  • Richmond Ridge (Chardonnay Semillon , Australia)
    Happy couple which blend well together. Citrus pineapple fruit combine with hints of butter. The acidity on the finish compliments and balances.

    Glass (175ml) £4.00 / Glass (250ml) £5.45 / Bottle £15.50

  • Avanti (Shiraz and Malbec, Argentina)
    Sweet cherry and berry fruit flavours combine in this soft easy drinking wine

    Glass (175ml) £4.00 / Glass (250ml) £5.45 / Bottle £15.50

  • Azabache (Organic Rioja, Spain)
    Medium to full bodied, tasty rich plum fruit laced with toasted coffee vanilla flavours

    Glass (250ml) £6.10 / Bottle £17.50

  • Azabache (Rioja Tempranillo, Spain)
    Medium to full bodied rich and well balanced wine which is packed full of dried fruits

    Glass (175ml) £4.20 / Glass (250ml) £5.80 / Bottle £16.50

  • Château Pierrail (Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, France)
    Full and smooth with fine concentration and subtle toasted overtones of vanilla and oak. A fine example of a claret, great with red meats

    Glass (175ml) £5.50 / Glass (250ml) £7.70 / Bottle £21.95

  • Musar Jeune Lebanon (Cabernet Sauvignon, Lebanon)
    A new wine from the famous Chateau Musar, with lots of black fruit flavours mingled with a delightful juicy richness.

    Glass (175ml) £5.25 / Glass (250ml) £7.35 / Bottle £20.95

  • Partnership (Shiraz , South Africa)
    A Fairtrade accredited wine. Full bodied with black pepper, blackberry, plum, spicy fruit flavours that linger in the mouth

    Glass (175ml) £4.60 / Glass (250ml) £6.25 / Bottle £17.95

  • Richmond Ridge (Shiraz Cabernet, Australia)
    Full of flavour. This wine combines pepper spice from the Shiraz with blackcurrant notes from the cabernet. Smooth and easy drinking

    Glass (175ml) £4.10 / Glass (250ml) £5.55 / Bottle £15.95

  • Villa Rosa (Merlot, Chile)
    Ripe juicy style. Full of smooth fruit flavours and delicate herbal notes

    Glass (175ml) £4.10 / Glass (250ml) £5.55 / Bottle £15.95

  • Pinotage Rose Steenbok (Pinotage, South Africa)
    Medium dry brimming with fresh strawberries and cherry fruit flavours

    Glass (175ml) £4.10 / Glass (250ml) £5.55 / Bottle £15.95

  • San Antonio (Pinot Grigio Rosé, Italy)
    Pale pink in colour, the bouquet is elegant and delicate, the palate is dry with zingy citrus and fruity red berry flavours

    Glass (175ml) £4.35 / Glass (250ml) £5.90 / Bottle £16.95


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  • Champagne Chanterre (Champagne, France)
    Light elegant with soft full flavours, delightful at any time of day

    Bottle £28.95

  • Borgo Alato (Prosecco, Italy)
    Hugely popular sparkling wine with light floral notes and an apple tang. Crisp, fresh and easy drinking

    Bottle £18.95

  • Raboso Spumante Rosé (Prosecco, Italy)
    An excellent aperitif with a delicate fizz. Fragrant Summer flavours, fruity and softly sparkling not too dry

    Bottle £18.95

Please note: A 125ml measure is also available on wines that are sold by the glass